3 or 4-day programs include:

  • Hands-on training at YOUR office
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Follow-up support

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Pat A. Worcester CDS, RDH, BS

Pat is an international speaker, writer, practices dental hygiene and trainer to dental practices across the United States and Canada. She is an Instrument and Product Analyst for Denstsply International and Hu-Friedy Dental Instruments. Pat is founder and clinical director of Mission Possible...Best Hygiene seminar and clinical hands-on training programs. She also leads the Ultimate Perio CE Training Course held every year at the University of Florida.  Pat has been awarded Mastermind Alliance Leadership of the Year Award, and nominated for Crown Council Hygienist of the Year Award. Her passion and enthusiasm show in her training. Her hands-on clinical training will bring your practice to a higher level of patient care and production.



Loyola University of Chicago Florida State License Dental Hygiene 1980
Bachelor of Science Degree 1978 National Board Examination for Dental Hygiene 1974
Registered Dental Hygienist 1974 Illinois State License for Dental Hygiene  1974
Certified Dental Assistant 1972 Illinois State Certificate Dental Assisting  1972

CE Broker Number 50-7753 (Instrument & Product Analyst for Dentsply International and Hu-Friedy Dental Instruments)

Professional Experience 

Full-time practicing dental hygienist employed from: 1974-present
Presenter for teaching dental hygiene clinical skills and patient communication skills 2000-present
In-office hygiene consultant teaching clinical hygiene skills. Including hand instrumentation, use of ultrasonics and communication skills 2000-present
Presenter for Dental Boot Kamp seminars, teaching patient communication skills and office management 1993-2005
Dental hygienist employed in periodontal practices 1980-1994
Employed as Certified Dental Assistant 1972-1974
Employed as Dental Clinical Assistant & Business Assistant 1968-1974

Special Training

  • Laser certified
  • Intra-oral camera protocal
  • Piezio scaler
  • Microbiology in the dental office
  • OSHA protocols
  • Intra personnel communication skills
  • Nutritional counselor
  • Smoking cessation program
  • Myofunctional therapist
  • Pre-marital counselor
  • Advanced scaling techniques
  • Advanced ultrasonic techniques
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Plague control therapist
  • Treatment planning

These are just a few of the people Pat has studied and trained with:

Dr. Sam Low Dr. Jan Linde Dr. Gordon Christensen Rhella Christensen
Dr. John Kois Dr. Roy Page Dr. Alvin FIllastre Dr. Omar Reed
Dr. Sebestian Ciancio Dr. Tom McDougal Dr. Richard Chace Dr. McHenry Lee
Steve Anderson Dr. Charles Blair Dr. Carl Mish Dr. Peter Dawson
Dr. Cioffi Dr. Howard Farran Dr. S. Bhaskar Dr. Frank Spear