Available Hygiene Programs

All Courses Provide Support

Choose from the included outline what you would like taught during the ON-SITE session. After I receive your Hygiene Research Form and the number of days you are interested in for the training I will send you a proposal.

Please let me know if you need any further information or have any questions regarding the programs. Thank you for your interest in higher education for your team!

The following could be part of the clinical hygiene session at your office:

  • Medical Histories: Proper taking of a medical history and relationships to patients' health
  • Perio Probing, recession, mobility, furcations, bleeding
  • Tissue, calculus, root abnormalities, assessments
  • Cavitroning: Right, Left, Universal Slim lines and others
  • Hand scaling with the latest hand instruments, after 5's, micro mini's, mini's O'Heir Debridement, diamond coated, etc...
  • Root Debridement Thereapy (RDT), Scaling and Root planning is the older terminology
  • Placement of Atridox, Arestin
  • Treatment planning a periodontal patient
  • Proper ergonomics
  • Loupe usage and headlight
  • Recognizing restorative problems
  • Verbal skills to present restorative treatment to patient
  • Effective use of intraoral camera
  • Instrument sharpening
  • Oral cancer screening utilizing Vizilite or VelScope
  • Laser use

Please let me know the other areas of interest your hygienists have to further advance their clinical training. I am very open to suggestions in this Hands-On course. This course is customized for your practice so let's plan it together to maximize your time and the learning experience for the entire team!