Sample 4-day Program

Topics to be covered:

  • Perio Philosophy: show slides of bone regeneration and 20+ years of success
  • Entire team needs to support and help in the hygiene department with probing and treatment acceptance
  • Medical History: Systemic and Dental
  • Medial History: Word skills to relate to patient and their dental health
  • Oral cancer screening: Using Vizilite, Velscope, and more
  • DIAGNOdent: Using in the hygiene room
  • Intra oral camera: Using in the hygiene room for restorative case acceptance
  • Utilization of hygiene assistants
  • Charting and utilizing of charter (pocket count)
  • Case Typing Perio Diseases
  • Treatment Planning
  • New Model of Periodontal Disease

Day Three

Morning Session


RDT Patient
  • Dr., hygiene team and Pat work together to calibrate their probing techniques.
  • Probing, recession, mobility, furcations, tissue evaluation, calculus tenacity, occlusion, etc.


  • Same RDT patient from 8am
  • Dr. Can now go and do restorative work
  • Hygienists will continue to work on periodontal patient calibrating probing techniques, recession, mobility, furcations, tissue evaluation, calculus tenacity, occlusion, etc.
  • RDT therapy will be done on the same patient who we have been charting since 8am.
  • Schedule one patient and both hygienist will work on the one patient with Pat training both hygienists at once. This way they can observe and learn while taking turns working.

Lunch brought in and we can grab lunch in between.

Afternoon Session


  • Instrument Sharpening
  • Instrument organization for RDT
  • Review the morning with the hygienists

Day Four

Morning Session


  • Hygiene team sees patients
  • Schedule 2 hours per patient per hygienist
  • Pat works with hygiene team and presentation
  • Dr. and restorative team see patients as usual

Or full day of team training to work on Action Plan and Implementation of new Perio Protocol.

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

Afternoon Session


  • Hygiene Goals
  • Hygiene Ideal Day
  • Fee Schedule
  • Block Schedule
  • Chart Data
  • Action plan to implement protocols
  • Word skills for acceptance


  • Pat reviews with hygiene team
  • Pat reviews with Dr's.

Other Training Possibilities

Pat works with entire team on word skills for explaining perio and restorative to patients

  • Word skills to help the patient understand restorative needs
  • Closing of restorative needs

Word Skills:

  • Patient now has disease but did not at last visit
  • Explain necessity of RDT's to new patient
  • Explain necessity of RDT's to existing patient
  • Periodontal disease is episodic in nature
  • Conversion from prophy to SPT
  • Conversion from SPT to RDT

Word Skills:

  • Use of intra-oral camera
  • Presentation of restorative needs
  • Word skills to help patient understand restorative needs
  • Closing of restorative needs

Each day is customized for your practice and particular needs. This is just some of what can be taught during one of your on-site days. 

Contact Pat now to see how you can take your practice to a HIGHER LEVEL.